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Bear Hunting

Klus Bear Hunting Camp is located near Armstrong Creek, WI (which is Zone B).

Klus Bear Hunting Camp has a 100% success with monster Wisconsin Black Bears that are sure to get your adrenaline pumping. We hunt all of our bears over bait on thousands of PRIVATE land which ensures a successful hunt.

You will have access to tree stands and ground blinds which ever you prefer. We have stands set up for gun or bow. Archery and gun ranges are on site for any last minute tuning and practice. Feel free to relax when not in the stand or come along for daily baiting runs.

Our 5-day rate is $995 which includes stands, baiting and skinning. We will recommend great local lodging no matter what your taste. With only 30 miles to the Potawatomi Bingo Northern Lights Casino, the options are unlimited. You are responsible for lodging, food, beverages, proper licenses and proper clothing. WE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU KILLING A MONSTER BEAR, so make sure you bring a steady trigger finger and remember your camera.


There are some other options while you are there:

  1. Video taping of the bear hunt. Our experienced cameraman will sit with you during the hunt to burn your kill shot on tape for years of enjoyment. He will also video the morning activities of baiting, practicing your marksmanship and personal interviews of your experience. Weekly Cost - $500

  2. Grouse and Woodcock in the morning. Enjoy hunting the plentiful but fast Grouse and Woodcock on thousands of un pressured private acres. Make sure to bring your best bird gun and lots of shells. Morning Cost - $125


Contact me to book your next hunt! Call or text (608) 469-1867.

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